Twilight/Dusk is the most mesmerizing moment of the day and that professional real estate photographers can capture. However, capturing sharp shots during twilight/dusk hours is an challenging task, especially for a new photographer, because of inadequate ambient lighting that makes the images look dim and grainy. Additionally, that moment is short and doesn't apply the same beauty to every day, which becomes another challenge for real estate photographers to prepare and schedule the shot.

At Imagtor, we provide day to dusk, or virtual dusk editing service to your exterior real estate and drone photography, which is proved to help your photography portfolio stand out with stunning dusk images to impress your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

Our default turn around time for photo editing, retouching, virtual dusk and 720 panoramic is both 12 hours. We offer 24 hours turnaround time for the rest of services. In case you are expecting a rush turnaround, please notify us so that we can adjust priority for those orders, for an extra cost. If we anticipate there may be a delay in image processing, in the event of holidays or unexpected issues, we will notify you as soon as possible: no later than 1 week before the event or 3 hours after receiving order. Otherwise, in case of late delivery without proper notification, your order is free of charge.

How can I send orders to Imagtor for processing?

If you are a new partner and it is your first order as a trial one, please complete your order by filling out information and uploading your files directly to us using the link: you are an established frequent partner, the process is much easier. Our Customer Success department at [email protected] will create you and your team an account to access to the file transfer platforms via our own server at Ibox Cloud or FTP. Alternatively, Google Drive, Dropbox or other mean of file transfer are also available but not recommended since they are not integrated well into our own workflow.

How do I know when my order is being processed?

In case you place new orders using our integrated file transfer platforms (our own server at Ibox Cloud and FTP), your new order will be automatically recorded on our server and a notification for new orders email will be sent to you by our CSO at [email protected] shortly in which states the number of input we receive, ETA for these orders, and the possible question for clarification. After that, our CSO may update with you if any input error, unclear instruction ... occurs. Once orders are completed, our CSO will send you an email for order completed notification with the link to the shared folder with output files.

What if I am not satisfied with the output Imagtor processed?

Our main goal is to provide an excellent and consistent service quality. As the result, we will work intensively with you during the first 2 weeks - 1 month of partnership to form a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an agreed detailed editing approach and instruction for output and provide training for our editors for your editing approach style following this SLA. In case you receive any output which does not meet SLA-quality, please feedback to our CSO and we will redo and deliver this (unlimited redo) within 3 hours of working. Otherwise, in case you want to update new instruction to the agreed SLA, please also send your update to our CSO and we will update SLA accordingly for the next orders. In case you don't receive SLA-quality redo work within 3 hours of working, this redo work is free of charge.

Do you offer bulk discount?

Yes, economies of scale also applies to our operation. In case you are confident to produce an average of 1,000 or more image outputs monthly, please feel free to discuss with our Sales team at [email protected] and we will come back to you for a customized pricing plan.

How can I pay for the service?

We accept flexible payment using bank transfer or Paypal, in your local currency.