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Allow buyers view directly every property's corner and encourage your social media thanks to video or/and slideshow!


Property Profiles

We customize our top of the line Premiere Film to match the character of your listing in terms of editing style. Although we can provide a more traditional, classic elegant editing style, we excel at delivering films that emphasize on modern, contemporary styles through edgy editing, with speed ramping and light burn effects.

24/03/21 | Website Imagtor
04/03/21 | Website Imagtor
Property Profiles with Drones

Aerial drone filming is the latest tool to get your campaign off to a flying start. Now, not only can you use video to showcase property features, but you can also incorporate high quality drone footage to highlight spectacular views, property size and location like never before.

24/03/21 | Website Imagtor
04/03/21 | Website Imagtor


Cinemagraphy Slideshow

At Imagtor, our post-production team animates your high-quality photography to provide a more dynamic experience. Integration with cinemagraphs, floorplans, points of interest and local maps delivers your content in a new way, engaging potential viewer and putting you ahead of the competition.

24/03/21 | Website Imagtor
23/03/21 | Website Imagtor
Modern Slideshow

A quick and elegant way how to highlight the selling points of the property. Video with dynamic transitions composed from a series of still photos. Various styles and music are available to match the character of the property.

24/03/21 | Website Imagtor
23/03/21 | Website Imagtor


What is your turnaround time?

We apply 12 hours turn around for photo-enhancement, items removal, day to dusk and 24 hours for the rest of services. In case you are expecting a rush turnaround, please notify us.

How can I send orders to Imagtor for processing?

Our Customer Service Team at will create an account for your own in our platform.

What if I am not satisfied with the output Imagtor processed?

In case you receive any output which does not meet SLA-quality, please feedback to our CSO and we will redo and deliver this (unlimited redo) within 4 hours of working for 12 hours of turn around services and 12 hours for the rest of services.

How do I know when my order is being processed?

Our CS team will send you notification email about your order status with Imagtor (time in and time out)

Do you offer bulk discount?

Imagtor always have bulk discount for our valued customer. Please tell us to have bulk discount if you have high monthly volume output

How can I pay for the service?

We mainly accept Bank transfer and online gateway OnePay for fulfilling your payment with Imagtor.